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Standard Enclosures - Diablo, Azenco and Atlas telescopic enclosures, which can be fitted against buildings and walls.

We offer a selection of standard pool enclosures, including the Atlas and Diablo ranges. Both types of enclosures can be fitted against buildings, chalets or walls etc. or can incorporate part buildings or walls.

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Diablo is the most popular enclosure that we fit, having 2 fixed ends with the sections between retracting into those fixed ends. The benefits of this, is that we do not loose height or width.

These are bespoke, and there are 2 standard heights available. However, we will increase the height if required, at no extra cost, if the circumstances are such that it is necessary.


The Atlas model is available in both high and low versions, and all of the sections retract into one fixed end.

When used as a high enclosure, Atlas can be supplemented with a frame-less, sliding pivot door that opens on both sides of the enclosure.


Azenco models can be used as another room for your house - allowing you to use your pool all year round.

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