Low Enclosures

Low Enclosures - Held in a track to be opened and closed automatically. Comparable in cost to a fixed safety cover.

We offer a wide range of Ultra Low enclosures up to 1.5 metres in height. In addition, we offer a Flat Pool Deck to cover the swimming pool. This allows the area to be used for tables and chairs, and other uses, whilst the swimming pool is not in use. Also available, is an almost flat low enclosure, and the economical Viso, which covers the pool but raises automatically to allow access.

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All Low Enclosures provide greater advantages than a Safety Cover, as they will offer the same security and safety. However, unlike the safety cover, low enclosures will reduce heating costs, lessen the use of chemicals required, and allow for minimal maintenance for the pool. Leaves and debris are kept from entering, and pebbles are prevented from forming, which can often be a problem encountered when using safety covers.

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The Benefits

  • Dispenses with the use of a winter cover and offers far greater use of the swimming pool throughout the year.
  • Long guarantees are offered for installation, products and glazing.
  • Reduces heating costs and use of chemicals.
  • Requires minimal maintenance of your pool.


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